A picture from a place near Oslo Short info/Technical data: Freehand,  f/9, ISO-100, 1/80, focal length 48mm, RAW, selective tool – silver


Searching in the archives – the picture below was taken in Oslo 2013 Short info/Technical data: Freehand, f/3.5, ISO-100, 1/1000, focal length 18mm, minor levels adjustment, converted to B&W

Vigeland IV

From one of Gustav Vigeland’s installations in Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway. Short info/Technical data: Freehand, f/2.5, ISO-200, 1/1600, focal length 30mm,minor levels adjustments, converted to B&W

On the ground…

Time is flying – a time since my last post! The presented picture was taken earlier this year in Oslo, in the Botanical Garden. Short info/Technical data: Freehand, f/3.5, ISO-100, 1/125, focal length 100mm, minor levels adjustments